Getting started with mental health care

UW Seattle students have access to a range of mental health and counseling support, including individual counseling, group therapy, workshops and crisis services. In an emergency, always call 911.

Resource: Addressing emotionally- or politically-charged news with students

This resource is intended to help the UW community, particularly faculty and staff, navigate important conversations about violence perpetrated against communities of color. In this resource guide, you will find strategies for fostering thoughtful and difficult conversations in light of emotionally- or politically-charged news as well as mental health resources for students who may need additional support during challenging times.

Need to talk with someone?

Need urgent help? Call 1.866.743.7732 to connect with UW’s partner My SSP (more details below).

Need to schedule an appointment? Call 206.543.1240 to speak with UW counseling and mental health staff during office hours:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Tuesday: 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Connect with 24/7 support

UW partners with My SSP to give students access to real-time, confidential mental health and crisis intervention support, 24/7 and in multiple languages. There are several ways to connect:

We highly recommend that you download the My SSP app (Apple App Store | Google Play) to have the full range of services at your fingertips any time.

Get started with individual or group counseling

For students physically located in Washington state, call 206.543.1240 to schedule a virtual visit with a UW therapist or you may be able to schedule an appointment online (may require you to open a private browser window). If you are out-of-state, you can schedule an appointment with My SSP.

At your initial appointment, your therapist will talk about on- and off-campus resources that may be helpful to you.

Note: UW provides short-term counseling only, and can help connect you with an off-campus provider for ongoing, weekly counseling.

Cost and insurance

We have options for you, whether you have insurance or not. Call 206.543.1240 for more information.