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Statement of Solidarity in Response to Domestic Terrorism in Buffalo

Words are wholly inadequate every time this occurs.  Yet we cannot remain silent in the face of persistent domestic terrorism, racist violence, and an epidemic of death in the U.S., our land of highly selective liberty.  Our hearts go out to all who are directly impacted by Buffalo’s mass shooting, and to all who feel even more vigilant and even less trusting today.  Let us all examine ways we are affected by the ideology of white supremacy, from more blatant ways (perpetuating myths such as “white replacement”) to more subtle ways (numbing ourselves).  In times like these, white supremacy benefits from Black bodies being dysregulated and from white bodies being numb.  Therefore, we encourage Black bodies to take time to do what helps you regulate (e.g., be in community, rest, breathe).  We also recognize the ways in which persistent acts of hatred impact non-Black indigenous communities and people of color who are navigating white supremacy. White supremacy as an ideology divides us and it is at moments like these that we are invited to bear witness to the suffering caused by white supremacy. We encourage everybody to seek out community in ways that reduce suffering.

We invite you to visit our Culture of Care webpages for resources on anti-racism for Black individuals and communities, for non-Black individuals and communities of Color, and for white individuals and communities.