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February 12, 2023

2022-2023 New Staff

1/3/2023 - A check in, and introduction to the newest 
members of the Resilience Lab.

The Resilience Lab Welcomes New Team Members

The University of Washington is happy to announce the arrival of four new team members for the 2022-2023 Academic Year! Our team spans a wide range of disciplines, interests, and expertise, and we’re excited to learn with and about them as they begin their journey with the Resilience Lab.

Learn more about our new staff members below!


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Aaron Davis

Graduate Student Assistant
Pronouns: she/they



Aaron is a second year MPH epidemiology, maternal child health candidate. Aaron believes strongly in the power of community and has a passion for public health research and community-led initiatives and activism to address historic health disparities.

Currently, Aaron works across many interdisciplinary projects as a harm reduction and racial health disparities research, producing health communications, and community project coordination. The holistic approaches to mindfulness and well-being, and community of compassion is what prompted Aaron to apply for their role with the lab. Aaron goes on to explain:

“I was looking to diversify my skills and learn new practices outside of traditional RA work. The Resilience Lab has such a strong and dynamic approach to cultivating compassion and self-awareness. I wanted to be a part of that work and in the process build up my own capacities for responding to stress and pressure in academic settings.”

“The lab is involved in not only promoting and supporting resilient practices for campus partners, but for the lab staff as well. It’s amazing to work for a lab that encourages you to examine your own practices of rest, recovery, and how you show up for others. This is a space in which lots of different kinds of growth can take place!”





Grace Kolb

Resilience Lab Intern
Pronouns: she/her



Grace is a current third-year undergraduate student at the University of Washington. She intends on graduating with a BS in Psychology, with specific interest in the research of mental health of children and adolescents and has extensive background working with children as a mentor and counselor throughout her adult life. She has a passion to help others which motivated her to become a part of the Resilience Lab, and she can see a bright future working with them for the coming months.

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Rudy Antonio Jr Gallardo

Program Coordinator

Pronouns: he/him



Rodrigo Antonio Jr Gallardo is a fourth-year undergraduate at UW Seattle. He has participated in multiple leadership roles for the benefit of his community and his future career as a healthcare professional. Rudy is committed to working at the forefront of the equity of healthcare and opportunities for groups that need it the most.

Recently, he undertook the task of promoting the high school to college pipeline through the UW GearUp Program as a college mentor for students in the South King County Area. Rudy uses his time and skills facilitating stem base work to prepare high school students for college and stays vested in building community capacity.


Milena Johnson Bio Headshot


Milena Johnson

Seed Grant Coordinator
Pronouns: she/her




Milena Johnson is a junior at the University of Washington majoring in geography with a minor in public policy and has a concentration on urban geography and is specifically interested in how the landscape of a city and its public services affect the quality of life for its residents.

When we asked Milena what drew her to the lab and ultimately the Seed Grant Coordinator role, she gave us these insights:

“I’ve always been really interested in exploring the creation of sustainable and livable spaces in my studies, so I was super interested in this position where I could actively work to create more vibrant and compassionate communities at the UW and beyond. I’m most excited to work directly with lots of different organizations across campus, and help different teams thrive with their projects. I hope to learn a lot more about what wellbeing means to different people, and what new research or conceptualizations are being done on the topic.”

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